Wynter Aodh

Writer and blogger

Welcome to my author's page.

Who am I. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, and a student. I've always wanted to write and it's something I've dabbled in for a long time. Usually going no further than an introduction paragraph. 

A few years ago, I decided to take early retirement and soon found myself with time on my hands and not sure what to do. This led me to returning to studying and enrolling with the Open University. I am in my final year of the Open University, studying Welsh History. At the end of the course, I hope to have gained my BA (Honours) Humanities.

Want to know how my mind works. Come join me on my journey as a writer. Read my short stories and watch me grow as a poet and a writer. Discover the world I live in with pictures of places that inspire my writing. 

How would I describe my stories- A world of make believe. A place where we can hide as we escape to the underworld of elves, fairies, ghosts, witches, and all other mystical creatures. 

Each month a free short story will be published on this page. My first book will be available once it is written.